Remote Monitoring Updates Vital Signs in Real-Time

Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) uses technology to make sure patients are integral parts of their healthcare team.

With remote monitoring technology, patients can provide their medical professionals with updated vital signs with easy-to-use medical devices. The SE team will work with the patient to ensure that the device(s) is set up, connected and that the patient is comfortable using it.

After the initial set-up, patients can:

  • Easily send vital signs, alerts and reports for real time monitoring.
  • Have live video conferencing with their medical professionals.
  • Include family members in video consultations.
How we do it
  • Using bluetooth-enabled remote patient monitoring devices to collect biometric data in real time.
  • Pairing a 4G tablet (provided) to automatically capture and transmits data to SE’s HIPAA-compliant Wellness Management Services (WMS) portal.
  • Enabling 24/7 access to data, automated alerts, and reminders to healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients.
  • 4G tablet
  • Scale
  • Blood Pressure Machine
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Spirometer