Founded in 1987 by two registered nurses, Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) began by delivering high-quality home care services to the residents of suburban Philadelphia. Since then, SE has grown to include 13 offices in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

While SE’s service area, expertise, and use of technology have all expanded, its commitment to patients and employees has never changed. Today, doctors lead and provide the most specialized clinical, medical, and therapeutic home health services in the region.

Everything SE does is focused on delivering the best care possible to its patients—its patients and their families deserve the best. SE’s programs consistently deliver the fastest transitions to home and the lowest readmission rates in the region.

SE recognizes that delivering excellent care to patients starts with having a highly skilled, dedicated, and compassionate clinical and support team. SE’s family culture draws the best employees in each community. SE cares about, supports, and advances the lives of its team because they are considered family members.