Employee Testimonials

I have been working for Southeastern for almost four years now. I can easily say that this has been the best company I have worked for. I truly feel valued by my bosses and feel that my ideas are always heard, respected and taken into consideration. They always make me feel that I am a part of the team and I am happy to be a part of it. There is always an opportunity and tools provided to grow. Southeastern has provided educational classes that have allowed me to advance my career as a nurse and always offer support to their employees. This has been more than just another job for me. I actually enjoy waking up to go to work in the morning for once. With all the teamwork and effort from every department, it feels more like a family. Southeastern is like a family with one common goal, to give the best care possible to our patients, and I couldn’t ask for anything else.
I have worked at Southeastern for over 20 years. Great company to work for. Good pay, good benefits. Very caring company. 
Southeastern Home Health has been my work family for over 6 years now and I am looking forward to growing with Southeastern another 6+ years. Southeastern cares about their employees personally and professionally. I love being part of the Southeastern Family.
I have worked for 3 other home care companies in my 30 years of home care nursing, and Southeastern is by far THE BEST! They are structural big but treat employees like a small family company. They are proactive in a ever changing health care environment, Putting the company and every employee in a position to grow and have a secure future.
I have been with Southeastern HH for about 6 years, and can honestly say that I truly enjoy and love what I do. I feel very supported by upper management and know that when I call them regarding an issue, I am heard.  My co-workers at every office I work with absolutely make you feel as though there is a team approach to caring for our patients and clients we serve. Everyone here seems to have an attitude of what I like to call it “a passion for compassion” and I am truly honored and blessed to be part of the “Southeastern family”.
Southeastern Health Care at Home is a company where I feel respected, valued, and part of team. Care for our patients is at the core of everything we do as a company. 
Started working with Southeastern Home Health 18 months ago. Lost my son 16 months ago. Southeastern gave my family love, compassion and support. When you treat your employees with compassion, family first, and respect, your employees will be loyal and hard working. Dedicated to you and your company. This is how I feel about Southeastern Home Health. Hands down the BEST Company I have EVER worked for in my career.
I’ve been an LPN for almost 8 years.  I’ve worked Long Term Care, Assisted Living & Pediatric Home Health and although I enjoyed all of my jobs, Southeastern Home Health is hands down the best company I’ve ever worked for!  Not only as a nurse do I get to utilize all of my skills and learn new daily, I get to give top notch care 1:1 to my patients with the best tools and resources available. Management is supportive and fair and SEHH makes it very obvious that they care and are thankful for all of us. Southeastern is where I’ll retire from and who I would refer my loved ones for care!
I have been impressed with Southeastern from my first day. Their commitment to their patients and their staff is tremendous. They are a forward thinking organization always looking to develop new ways to meet patient needs. I always recommend Southeastern to anyone looking to make a change.
I have worked for Southeastern for 6 of my 15 years in physical therapy and it has, by far, been my favorite company to work for.  Southeastern strives to provide quality care, always putting the patient before numbers.  Southeastern is always looking for new ways to provide everything a clinician will need to be successful for their patients and for their career.  From top to bottom, you will see that every employee is cared for and cheered on as if they were part of a family, not just a company. 
I have always wanted to be part of the Southeastern organization.  I have worked in the hospice/healthcare industry for 20 years.  The day I heard Southeastern opened a hospice division, I called.  I am the happiest I have ever been in my career. The care given to patients is care I definitely stand behind and believe in.  I can’t say enough about the care and compassion everyone in this company has for the patients and the employees. Best company I have ever been a part of.
Southeastern has been wonderful. Very supportive fellow nurses, excellent leadership, and an environment of caring has been my experience here.
Truly a great company to work for!! Couldn’t ask for a better team!!! 
I have been with Southeastern Homecare for a little over 1 year. I have been around, had many careers and jobs. I have never felt more support from a company in a job. This is a true team. The culture here is incredible. EVERYONE wants you to succeed. There is such a profound professional love for one another. We are all in this together, and intuitively know how to build each-other up to be the best that we can be. This is what makes us the best! I have never been happier in a career. The owners and Vice Presidents of the company have an open door policy. I know they are available for support at any time. I have never worked with more amazing people. God willing, I WILL retire here. 
I will be celebrating my 5th year with Southeastern Health Care at Home. During my employment here I was afforded the opportunity for professional growth to move to different positions within the company. Southeastern Home Health values their employees and want to keep them happy and motivated. They listen to suggestions for changes openly and recognize employees monthly in their newsletter and celebrate with an amazing yearly holiday party for the entire company. The work environment is positive and friendly and I am proud to be a part of such an exceptional organization!