Managing Behavioral Health Disorders at Home

Southeastern Health Care at Home’s (SE) Behavioral Health Program provides specialized clinical, medical, and therapeutic care for patients in their own homes. SE team members use a detailed assessment to develop personalized therapeutic interventions for each patient. These are designed to improve outcomes for the patients.

Patients receive affordable, high-quality care in their own homes. Other benefits include:

  • Increase in Medication Compliance
  • Reduction in emergent psychiatric care needs
  • Improvement in independence and quality of life
  • Assistance with community resources as needed

The SE Team members provide ongoing support, earning the trust of the caregivers. The team also creates educational components for caregivers related to anxiety disorders, depression and adjustment disorders. Individuals and caregivers may receive specific education and training on:

  • Disease Management
  • Coping strategies
  • Problem solving and relaxation techniques
  • Collaborating with a physician or psychiatrist to assess medication effectiveness and side effects