Home-based Cardiopulmonary REHABILITATION

Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) delivers home-based cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, allowing patients to receive clinically-specialized care in the place they feel most comfortable—their own homes.
All therapists deliver education and home monitoring with care and compassion. They coordinate with patients’ physicians to design daily exercise programs and treatments to improve activity levels, safety, and overall quality of life.

Heart Failure and other Cardiac Rehabilitation services include:

  • Education to prevent hospitalization
  • Treatments to increase exercise capacity, improve circulation and help the body use oxygen more efficiently to increase activity tolerance

COPD and other lung-related Rehabilitation includes:

  • Breathing techniques and exercise
  • Energy conservation training
  • Posture correction to improve breathing
  • Treatments to increase endurance with activities of daily living
  • Spirometer for Remote Patient Monitoring

Transitional care after surgery or cardiac event includes:

  • Education and training in performing daily tasks and functional mobility within sternal or cardiac precautions
  • Designing daily exercise and walking program
  • Using Remote Patient Monitoring to monitor vital signs and response to activity