Orthopedic Rehabilitation in the Home

The Orthopedic Rehabilitation program delivered by Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) provides individualized rehabilitation programs developed by clinical and therapeutic experts working in conjunction with patients’ doctors. Personalized rehabilitation programs are delivered by caring and compassionate professionals and focus on:
  • Decreasing pain
  • Restoring independence
  • Improving functional mobility
  • Ensuring safety during daily activities
SE’s home-based treatment programs are some of the lowest-priced and highest-quality options for patients suffering from back pain, chronic pain conditions, injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, fractures, and surgical procedures.


  • Joint protection strategies
  • Pain management
  • Exercises and assistive device training designed to decrease stress on and stabilize the joint(s) involved

Total Joint replacement

  • Hands on techniques and exercises designed to restore proper joint movement
  • Improving range of motion and normalizing walking pattern
  • Improving strength and stability in accessing the home environment
  • Strategies to manage pain and swelling after surgery


  • Education and support for managing phantom pain and care of the residual limb
  • Pre-prosthetic training
  • Functional mobility and daily activities to increase independence


  • Pain management
  • Training in functional activities and mobility within any orthopedic precautions
  • Restoring range of motion
  • Strength and coordination after fracture or injury
The team of lymphedema-certified therapists will assist patients with the treatment and management of lymphedema. Several of the techniques used to lessen the impact of lymphedema on activities of daily living include:
  • Individualized exercise programs to improve motion and strength which also aides in lymph drainage.
  • Obtaining a customized compression garment or ordering a compression pump
  • Manual Lymph Drainage techniques coupled with the use of bandages to prevent increased fluid.
  • Extensive education in skin and nail care with the goal of preventing infection and skin breakdown