Respiratory Therapy assessment and management

Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) offers respiratory therapy for patients with pulmonary disease, COPD, and congestive heart failure. The respiratory therapy team will work closely with the patient’s physicians to create an in-home rehabilitation program that will help them manage their disease and improve their quality of life while reducing rehospitalizations.

SE is the only home healthcare provider in the region to offer a spirometer as part of our Remote Patient Monitoring program. With this, physicians are able to receive automatic updates on the patient’s vital signs, keeping them updated real-time on the patient’s health status, reducing rehospitalization rates by 8.79%.

The Certified Respiratory Therapists provide compassionate care to patients and ongoing support for caregivers. This includes vital information about disease management, in-home pulmonary rehabilitation, patient education, and many other key components of disease education and disease self-management. Respiratory Therapists are responsible for the observation, assessment, and management of altered respiratory status, including:

  • Instruction on pathophysiology
  • Instruction on signs and symptoms
  • Assessment of pulmonary function, including O2 saturation levels
  • Interventions to alleviate shortness of breath and coughing
  • Medication management
  • O2 use
  • Safety and care of equipment
  • Dietary health
  • Proper use of inhalation treatments, spirometry, and breathing techniques
  • Exercise and energy conservation techniques
  • Instruction in management of tracheostomy care
  • Awareness of risk factors
  • Emergency management to reduce rehospitalizations