SE Connect provides rapid access to care team

The Southeastern Connect (SE Connect) gives patients and their caregivers 24/7 access to specially-trained operators at the Care Center for emergency and non-emergency purposes. This one-button device, which can be carried anywhere by the patient, connects to the Care Center within 45 seconds. It also serves as a personal concierge and GPS tracker.

In the event of a fall or other medical emergency, the operator accesses the person’s call protocol and contacts the appropriate individual(s). This may be 911, a family member, or perhaps SE if that is listed on the call protocol.

SE Connect makes it easy to contact an SE operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The SE Connect device can be used if the patient:
  • Has any questions for the nurse
  • Has questions about medications
  • Is not feeling well
  • Feels lonely or anxious and wants to speak with someone
  • Wants assistance arranging a doctor’s appointment or home visit

Using the SE Connect device is easy for patients. In an emergency, the patient can push the button and be connected to an operator. The operator has access to the protocol set by the patient. Based on the protocol, the operator could call EMS, contact a neighbor, or contact a family member.

To request information, the patient can push the button and an operator will guide the patient through operations such as reaching a nurse, finding a doctor after moving, setting up an appointment with a doctor or for transportation, and ordering groceries. The patient can also work with the operator to receive reminder calls to eat and take medication. Finally, the device is equipped with location tracking. With this feature, patients who are lost can push their button and the operator will track the patient’s location and call for assistance.

Patients can count on the SE Connect Care Center team to be available at any time to assist in an emergency and to answer routine questions. SE Connect provides peace of mind to patients and caregivers and gives SE a direct way to provide support to both.