Remote Patient Monitoring: Testimonials

Patients were willing to share their experience with the Remote Patient Monitoring program, also referred to as telehealth.

Telehealth has been very beneficial for me. Because my nurse can monitor me through the computer, my other nurse only needs to visit once a week now. That allows me a little bit more freedom and independence. I also don’t have to visit my physician as much.
I have had great satisfaction with the telehealth program and my Nurse, Anita that calls from Southeastern Home Health Service is a “God Send.” My husband recognizes her number when it comes up on the television and tells me, “There’s your girl!” This program has kept me out of the hospital.
I recommend all patients that have a need for this service get it. It works in preventing readmissions.
Using the telehealth, I feel like I am a part of my own healthcare team. I know if I have an issue, it will be addressed. That gives me peace of mind.