SE Hospice Family and Caregiver Support

Patients and families dealing with a loved one’s serious illness can become overwhelmed with appointments, treatment plans, medications, and trips to the emergency department. If the illness becomes life-limiting, the patient’s primary care physician may feel that it is the right time for hospice. The Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) hospice team offers support for patients and their families as they provide hospice care at home. Clinical staff are available 24/7 via phone to answer questions and arrange for urgent visits when needed. Medical equipment and medications are delivered to the home and respite care provides for periods of up to 5 days of inpatient care for a hospice patient so that family members can take some time to recharge and care for themselves, attend an important function, travel, or recover from their own health issues.

Bereavement Services

SE also provides pre-bereavement and bereavement services for support, guidance, and education throughout the grieving process. Care and support from SE continue long after the death of a loved one.

The families and loved ones of SE hospice patients are eligible to receive complimentary bereavement services for 13 months from the date of loss. All hospice bereavement services are covered in full under the hospice Medicare benefit.