Help Navigating the Health Care System

Navigating the health care system can be challenging in the best of circumstances. For patients who are fighting a serious illness, the system can be complicated and challenging.

Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) has a dedicated team of Palliative Care Social Workers who provide support and advocate for patients and families navigating the health care system.

Palliative Care Social Workers ensure that that the patients’ quality of life is taken into account as evidenced by individualized care plans. Social Workers monitor the strain on caregivers, and provide support and resources whenever possible.

When appropriate the Palliative Care Social Workers can make referrals to other SE programs such as Primary Care, Remote Patient Monitoring, and if necessary, Hospice. They also have the ability to refer to external resources such as the local Area Office on Aging and Veterans’ Affairs. Support with external resources can also include applications for public assistance programs and utilities, with additional phone follow up as needed.

Patients fighting serious illnesses need to focus their time and energy on fighting their diseases, not on navigating the health care system. SE’s team of Palliative Care Social Workers are there to help make sure they get the services they need.