Palliative Care v Hospice Care

Patients facing severe illness have a variety of programs that they can utilize from Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) based upon their stage of illness. When developing a care plan, patients and caregivers may be faced with choosing between palliative care and hospice care. Both programs provide necessary and valuable support to patients and caregivers, but understanding the difference can be challenging.

SE provides palliative care through our Supportive Care program, and hospice care through our Hospice Care Services. SE assists patients and caregivers in understanding the qualifications and goals of each program.

Is hospice care or palliative care more appropriate for me or my loved one?

Medical Licensed Social Workers are available to help patients and caregivers discuss options and make the best decision that honors the patient’s wishes and quality of life.

Palliative Care

Patients who are actively seeking aggressive therapy or treatment for their serious illness, or who need education and assistance with disease and symptom management, may choose to receive home-based palliative care.

The Supportive Care Team utilizes palliative tools and works closely with patients, families, and other medical professionals to customize a plan of care that addresses the patient’s specific symptoms and stressors. The SE team supports patients and families throughout the continuum of illness by addressing physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. The consistent, compassionate care they provide earns them the trust of patient and the caregivers.

Hospice Care

Patients with life-limiting illnesses who choose not to pursue curative treatments may decide that hospice is the most appropriate program.

SE’s in-home hospice team will assist with symptom and pain management, while the patient and loved ones spend time together in a comfortable and familiar environment. Individualized care plans include the need for relevant medical equipment, supplies, therapies and medications as ordered by the physician.

Whether patients choose palliative care or hospice care, the SE teams treat patients and caregivers like their own families, providing care and support in the patients’ homes.