Visiting Nurse Practitioner

For those patients receiving palliative care who need additional clinical support to manage symptoms, the Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) Visiting Nurse Practitioner can assist in patient care.

The Visiting Nurse Practitioner acts as an additional member of the care team, and can assist patients with:

  • Aggressive symptom management
  • Medication recommendations and changes
  • Adjustments to the plan of care

The Visiting Nurse Practitioner also assesses the patient and develops a rapport with patients and caregivers. Once he/she has been brought in to assist with a patient, the Visiting Nurse Practitioner remains a member of the care team, provides direct oversight for the patient and coordinates with a multi-disciplinary team to manage patient care.

The Visiting Nurse Practitioner is also able to function in the role of the primary care physician, either until the patient is discharged from the palliative care program, or on a permanent basis – depending on the wishes of the patient.