Why Choose SE Primary Care

When the need for primary care arises, and you or your loved one cannot travel to a doctor’s office, there is never a more pressing time to expect and receive a new way of receiving clinical expertise in the home. That’s why Southeastern Health Care at Home (SE) provides all of these things and more. Trust when you choose SE primary care, you have chosen excellence. As the population of US citizens over the age 65 increases, illnesses and functional limitations often make it difficult and taxing to get to planned medical appointments. This often results in missed appointments, which can lead to unwanted emergency room visits or hospital stays. SE Primary Care is a home-based service designed to improve access to medical care for individuals who might otherwise have difficulty getting to the doctor. These personalized home-based visits allow the provider to spend more time on your unique needs and they bring comprehensive care right to your home.

SE Primary Care is a proud provider of Home-Based Primary Care, which is intended to meet the specific needs of patients who have difficulty accessing medical care. Our team of Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners (CRNP’s) work collaboratively with their physician advisors to optimize care and ensure their patients’ quality of life.

The mission of New Directions Primary Care is to assist patients in avoiding unplanned trips to the hospital and to improve the quality of life of those individuals with complex medical needs. The patient centered care model empowers patients and families to:
  • Be active participants in their care
  • Be partners in their treatment plan
  • Be part of collaborative decision making
  • Experience a care model that is focused on quality of life
  • Benefit from the use of technologies to enhance decision making and diagnosis (telehealth, mobile labs, EKG/X-ray)
  • Receive chronic care management
  • Enjoy the benefits of a focus on wellness and prevention.
  • Assessment, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for illnesses, as medically necessary
  • Ordering, performing and interpreting diagnostic tests such as lab work, x-rays, and EKG’s
  • Diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, infections and injuries
  • Managing chronic illness
  • Wellness and preventative care
  • Counseling patients and families on medical conditions and disease processes
  • Education to patients and families on disease prevention, positive health and lifestyle choices
  • Providing educations and information to patients, families and caregivers on health conditions, illness trajectory and treatment options

Palliative Care

Patient’s living in the advanced stages of illness no longer need to be burdened with poorly controlled symptoms and unnecessary trips to the hospital. SE Primary Care specializes in palliative consultative services to assist with symptom management and coordinate interdisciplinary care, including physical and occupational therapy. Evaluations provided by the Nurse Practitioner focus on a “patient centered” approach. The patients’ preferences and values are always first when discussing goals of care. Complex decision making is guided by compassionate, trained professionals, always considering the patients’ personal preference. SE’s palliative consultative services focus on assisting patients live well for as long as possible.

Routine, medically necessary visits are made Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for after-hours sick calls and referrals.

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